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About Compassion Coach

How long have I been practicing as a counselling?

I began my counselling career with Lifeline in 1991. My experience at Lifeline inspired me to go to University in 1996 to gain qualifications to practice as a professional counsellor. I work with a client who have decided it's time to get their life back on track, and my passion is teaching clients anger management and emotional intelligence skills.

My professional experience as a counsellor

After receiving my Degrees, my professional experience has been counselling for not-for-profit community organisations in voluntary and paid positions for eleven years. I counselled clients from all walks of life as well as conducting my 12-week anger management course developed by Steven Stosny with hundreds of client’s mostly men and increasing numbers of women. The statics for this course shows a high success rate. I have a solid track record of satisfied client’s.

About my private practice

My private practice commenced in early 1998 with the development of my website which had a major upgrade in 2016 and which will eventually include a learning management system which will enable me to present my courses as online eLearning courses. I also offer individual and couples counselling online via telephone, Skype or in person from two locations, Brendale or Kilcoy Queensland.

How to contact me

Contacting me is easy. Just go to my contact page for details. I reply promptly.

My guarantee

I guarantee my work with you, and if you are not completely satisfied, I offer a 100% money back guarantee.


Anger Management is My Specialty Area

Anger management or more accurately anger regulation is offered one-on-one or in groups (minimum numbers apply). This program is conducted Australia wide and internationally via my website, email or telephone.

General Practice Areas

I work with Adults, couples or individuals. Dealing with anger management, domestic violence, anxiety, grief, relationship issues, parenting issues, and sexual counselling of adults.

Additionally, counselling via the internet/email or phone is available for individuals who feel uncomfortable with the face-to-face situation or who do not have access to these services within a reasonable distance from where they live.

Face-to-Face Counselling and Fees

Currently, consultations are $90 during business hours and $110 for after hours.  Counselling sessions are approximately 50 minutes duration. Regular office hours are 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. After-hours appointments by arrangement. All counselling and program fees are in $AUS.

Counselling fees are not reimbursed by private health funds however consultations related to your employment may be tax deductible. 

Medicare & Private Health Fund Rebates

My counselling services cost significantly less than psychological services even with Medicare or private health fund rebates. Therefore, counselling is a real option without any loss of professionalism or service for those who do not need a psychologist. Also see: Is Counselling Too Expensive? And Medicare Allied Health System.

Financial Hardship

If you are experiencing genuine financial hardship, please discuss your situation with me. I am open to offering a sliding scale on my counselling fees.

The following health funds reimburse for Professional Counselling:

Grand United Insurance

Commonwealth Bank Health Insurance

My Mission

The mission of Compassion Coach is to help you to create the life you want. I believe that psychological well-being is facilitated when you have a well-developed sense of self and a rewarding relationship with yourself and other important people in your life. In addressing your needs, my focus is not only on counselling and building skills but also with the expectation that you will take an active role in developing strategies on your behalf. 

Counselling Style

I operate an outcome-informed practice.

As a Counsellor, I am dedicated to helping you achieve the outcome you desire. I also believe that you have a right to know sooner rather than later whether or not I am likely to be helpful to you.

For this reason, I have found it necessary to monitor your progress from session to session using brief questionnaires. Your ongoing feedback will tell me if we are on track, need to change something about the treatment, or refer you elsewhere to help you to get what you want.

I offer a male friendly counselling service dedicated to enhancing the well-being of men and their partners and families. I offer both men and women professional relationship, individual and couples counselling on issues such as anger regulation/management, conflict resolution, sexual issues and parenting skills.

I use a collaborative, non-judgemental, and respectful approach. I have a perspective that acknowledges gender role difference. I want to help you to develop emotional regulation skills that will help you to deal with challenging events that you may experience and to use those skills to improve all your relationships, especially your relationship with loved ones. Why waste another moment?


I have a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology Degree) and Master of Counselling qualification from the Queensland University of Technology. I also have a Cert IV in Assessment and Workplace Training. Additionally, I am an accredited provider of Level 4 Group Triple P (Positive Parenting Program).

Bachelor Degree
Photo: Bachelor Degree

Master Degree
Photo: Master Degree









A complete list of my counselling, anger management qualifications and experience


Before becoming a Counsellor, I worked as a tradesman for many years in the heavy industry both in the city and remote communities.  Since then I have gained the above qualifications and the following experience.

I have over 15 years experience as a Counsellor and have been presenting the Anger Regulation Program successfully for over four years. I am a past clinical member of the Queensland Counsellors Association Inc.  However, I am now a Full Member of ACWA.  ACWA Registration Number: HAY10270.


I conduct my practice following the Code of Ethics of my professional Organisation the Australian Community Workers Association. Consequently, I abide by their Confidentiality guidelines.

Confidentiality is a critical element of a trusting professional relationship. Therefore, I treat with confidence any personal information about clients, whether obtained directly or by inference.

Confidentiality applies to all verbal, written, recorded or computer-stored material about the therapeutic context. All records, whether in written or any other form, will be protected in the strictest of confidence.

Exceptional circumstances may arise which give good grounds for believing that the client will cause serious physical harm to others or themselves, or records may be subpoenaed by a court of law. In such circumstances, the breaking of confidentiality may be required, preferably with the client's permission, or after consultation with a counselling supervisor.

Any breaking of confidentiality will be minimised both by restricting the information conveyed to that which is pertinent to the immediate situation and by limiting it to those persons who can provide the help required by the client.