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How to be Responsible for Your Life

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Taking Responsibility

One change that will benefit everyone is taking full responsibility for your emotional well-being.

Responsibility for your life means taking ownership of everything inside your skin. It’s taking responsibility for your emotional well-being.

Your emotions can be divided into two states, power mode and weak modes of power.

Power and Weak Modes of Self

Weak modes of self are leftover remnants of childhood. Weak modes of self are where we sense we are helpless, dependent, depressive, or destructive.

Power modes of self are where we sense we are competent, growing, creative, healing, nurturing, and compassionate.

Emotional States Generate Thoughts and Feelings

Each Mode of self has particular thoughts attached to them which produce certain emotions and motivate certain types of behaviour. Weak Modes create negative thoughts and emotions which drive negative, destructive behaviours. Power Modes generate positive thoughts and emotions which drive life-enhancing actions.

We all experience both Modes of self from time to time. We are prone to slipping into Weak Modes when we allow ourselves to get too tired, stressed or overworked. 

When we are in Weak Modes our lives don't function well, we are operating well below our best, so it's in our best interest to choose to shift ourselves into Power Modes as quickly as possible mentally.

Five Laws of Personal Power

The First Law of Personal Power: Ownership 

We don't have power over what we don't own. Where are your emotions, inside you or outside you in the environment? Powerlessness is when other people or situations own your feelings. Power is when you own them.

The Second Law of Personal Power: Focus

You are powerless when you focus on what you cannot do. Focusing on what you can do makes your experience better.

The Third Law of Personal Power: Acting in your long-term best interest 

Power is an internal state that allows you to act in your long-term best interest, regardless of external conditions. Powerlessness is when your reactions to other people's emotions control you. Power is doing what will correct, improve, heal, and make your experience better.

The Fourth Law of Personal Power: Self-knowledge

Powerlessness is self-ignorance, reacting on blind emotion and impulse. Power is knowing your emotional and intellectual strengths at any given time.

The Fifth Law of Personal Power: Switching from Weak Mode to Power Mode.

Weak Modes of Self

Weak Modes of Self are the origins of bad decisions, addictions, compulsions, abuse (of self and others), and FAILURE.

Power Modes of Self

Power Modes of Self are when you are focused on your competence, growth, creativity, healing, caring, and being compassionate to yourself and others.

Negative Emotions

Negative emotions are not punishment; they are a signal that something might be wrong or what you are doing in your life is not working and to do something different. 

Do you know what the definition of insanity is? It's doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.

Choices in Life

Life is full of choices. It is impossible not to make a choice. We are making choices moment to moment. Which mode of self would you rather be in, Weak Mode or Power Mode? 

Do yourself a favour and choose to be in Power Mode as much as possible. If you make this a choice that you focused on, you will find that your life will be on track more of the time.

How to Manage Your Emotions

You can do it the hard way like you have been trying to manage your emotions so far or you can take an easier path by considering my online anger management course. Anger management is learning about your emotions and developing the skills to manage them, so you always act in your long-term best-interest no matter what is happening outside yourself.


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