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Opportunity for Improvement

Old you handing new year to new you

The New You

As the new year approaches, it’s a good time to think about your old you and the new you in the coming year and the opportunity for improvement.

Your Plan for Change

What positive changes would you like to hand down to the new year? What plan do you have in place to achieve this change? Can the change be broken down into achievable steps that will lead to successfully achieving this change?

Old Habits

Old habits die hard because your brain has grown so used of them that these habits take no effort. However, everything you do today only became an automatic habit after many repetitions of that habit.
For example, as a child were you able to walk on your first attempt? When you learnt to tie your shoelaces could you do it the first time you tried?

Useful Habits

Habits are often very useful and allow you to perform daily tasks without thinking about how to do them because you have performed them so many times, they become automatic. 

Unhelpful Habits

Other habits are not so helpful and can be destructive in some instances. Think about how you handle stressful situation or conflict in your relationships. Many of us react the same way repeatedly, sometimes for years despite getting the same negative outcomes.

Insanity definition


One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Gain New Skills

One of the main reasons we keep making the same mistakes is because we do not know any other way. We have not acquired new skills to replace the old skills that do not work, old skills that produce poor outcomes.
Each day is a new day giving you new opportunities for change. As the New Year approaches, it is an excellent time to think about learning new behaviours and skills that will make you more effective in dealing with life's challenges.

Tools in Your Toolbox

A toolbox

One challenge that many of us experience is dealing with conflict in our love relationships. If you are having difficulties during a conflict in managing your emotions, you can learn emotional regulations skills. The online anger management course will give you a toolbox of practical skills that will go a long way towards achieving respectful conflict management with the prospect of achieving better outcomes — all the best for successful New Year.


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