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Hi there, I have just uploaded part 2 of " How Resentment Can Destroy Your Relationship, Your Life, and Community Part 2 " I hope you find it useful. I would appreciate it if you would subscribe to my YouTube Channel and share the link with your friends and colleagues.​
My welcome video gives you an introduction to my YouTube Channel , the helpful topics I will cover, and the frequency of my video postings. I am open to suggestions for future video topics. My aim is to provide you with useful and practical information that will help improve your life and relationships.
This program stands out from typical bullying prevention program.It teaches resilience, independence and emotional maturity to children. Additionally, children's online safety is important. Find a link below.
Emotional Closeness Emotional closeness is predominantly psychological, there’s a strong biological element to it. Love Chemicals Oxytocin, sometimes known as the “love hormone” or the “cuddle chemical”, is produced in both men and women during orgasm. Sex and Closeness It's possible, but difficult for a couple to feel close consistently without having sex. Resuming a healthy sex life after betrayal can be threatening and scary for some of you. After a betrayal, sex should be in the context of other kinds of intimacies More Than Sex Sex is not isolated, there should also be more eye contact, sharing experiences, affectionate expressions and talking with each other, not at each other. It should have all the elements of an attitude of connection.
Developing healthy habits and eliminating bad ones takes a certain amount of sacrifice, and it can be challenging to accept and implement this. When one is facing issues with their overall health, significant changes may be necessary, and sometimes the decisions that need to be made will be difficult ones. What are some tips for handling these sacrifices and transitioning one's life to a healthier place?