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The video suggests that judgement about what is normal has a basis on idealising individualism and destroying social context and this is caused by the economic system that doesn’t value people for who they are, but what they produce or what they consume. When I started work, you were considered a valuable part of the organisation. They cared about you and treated you fairly. Now a day, it seems that most organisations see their workers as someone to be exploited. Their only goal is to maximise profits for the least costs.
I put together this infographic to advertise my new Basic Core Value online course.
Power struggles result when people try to avoid feeling powerless by attempting to force the other person to submit in some way. If this approach is successful, it provides temporary relief of powerlessness. However, this approach results in power struggles that produce high levels of resentment and hostility. But it is essential that we establish harmony between ourselves and other people, places, ideas, and things. And this can occur only in a context of responsibility which requires the respect for the rights and feelings of others.
When looking for anger management help or anger management courses, it is important to understand what anger management means. Anger Management is NOT Anger management is not about never feeling angry. Anger is a normal emotion just like joy, sadness, anxiety, trust, grief, and love. The problem with anger is that it motivated you to behave badly towards the person or whatever you blame for your...
Read about your bill of rights in the table below. No one, under any circumstances, deserves to feel disregarded, insulted, controlled, coerced, intimidated, hurt, hit, pushed, grabbed, or touched in any undesired way. Nothing that anyone in the family says of does justifies abuse. One act of abuse never justifies another. Everyone has a right and the responsibility to heal suffering. Whenever we...