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Male Friendly Counselling Service

What does it mean to offer a male-friendly counselling service? Generally, men have a negative attitude to seeking help. We men are socialised to believe there is something wrong with us if we cannot find solutions to our own problems.  A male friendly counselling service can be a choice for you.

Men are often found walling themselves off from their own feeling states, fending off sadness and depression as well as empathic intimate relationships – especially with women – in ways that cause their significant others to feel a great deal of pain and anxiety.

Men often find themselves in search of a type of sublime isolation, worshipping an idol of emotional numbness – while continuing to yearn for connection and intimate fulfilment. Men generally isolate themselves and in time of crisis have no one they trust who they can turn to for help.

No man is an island and we all need to reach out for help sometimes. In fact, that is the compassionate thing to do for yourself. Each of us needs to take responsibility for finding solutions to the challenges that confront us from time to time. That does not mean we have to do this alone, it is okay to ask for help when it is needed.

Help can be found in many places such as books, trusted friends, community organisations, and professionally qualified counsellors.

Denis has experienced the challenges of being a parent, surviving the break up of a 22-year marriage, worked through issues with anger and the negative impact that had on his life, made major career changes, gained tertiary qualifications late in life and built new rewarding relationships.