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Counselling Costs

If you think that going for counselling is too expensive, read on...

Going to counselling or seeking help to change angry, violent or addictive behaviour is an investment in your future wellbeing and the long-term best interest of yourself and your loved ones.

The cost of working on saving your relationship or job, or learning to feel great about yourself is a small investment compared to the pain of divorce and all the problems and expenses associated with it, or needlessly living a life not feeling great about yourself.

You are a "VIP" and need to take care for yourself and loved ones.

Annual estimates of other non-essential life expenses to put things in perspective:

Mobile phone: $240 to $6000 or more.

Illegal drugs: Heaps???

Cigarette smoking: $2900 to $5800 or more.

Social drinking: $700 to $1400.

Heavy drinking: $3000 to $9400 or more.

Motor vehicle expenses: $4928 to $12,373.  RACQ estimates.

Divorce: $10,000 upwards, plus ongoing child maintenance for up to 18 years or more.

Pain, misery, & unhappiness:  Too high to consider.

Many of these non-essential expenses do nothing to enhance the quality of your life and are mostly a contributor to ruining your chances of a normal, emotionally and physically healthy life and may only provide temporary relief to the pain you are experiencing.

Counselling is a very cost-effective way to help you to get your life back on track.