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Testimonials for Compassion Coach

This is what clients are saying about my work and courses.


Testimonial from John B Lockrose QLD January 2017

I was skeptical about the course before I started it, but I found it a valuable exercise over the weeks of the course. Some weeks were harder than others, but it taught me a lot about myself while teaching me to focus on me and not on everyone else. I have no doubt that if I had not started the course when I did, my marriage would have failed shortly after. There is still a long way to go to fix the relationship, but it is no longer in immediate danger, and this course has given me the tools to frame issues in a more positive way to allow us to look for solutions. This course has given me a sense of possible future for our relationship which was lacking for a long time. I found Denis to be an excellent coach, always trying to look for the positives in my negativity, and indeed, many of his comments turned my thinking about several subjects on its head. Being able to see issues from another perspective was helpful. I valued our weekly phone conversations highly, especially for this purpose. I have no hesitation recommending this course to anyone.

John B Lockrose QLD January 2017

Testimonial from Anonymous

The most useful part of the program for me was gaining knowledge of the brain through the HEALS steps. In general, I found the program gave me an immense new and positive awareness about my problems, and solutions to solve them.


Testimonial from Anonymous

HEALS was very good for me and particularly for my self-esteem. I was able to recognise the feelings of my partner and to hear really her. I learnt not to internalise her hurt and to validate her as a person.


Testimonial from Anonymous

I have been so grateful that I have learned to use the "self-emotional regulation skills" taught in the program, and will persevere to be a model for my family to help them grow and be able to heal their Core Hurts. I still have a lot to work on to improve myself (empowerment). I strongly recommend the program and will talk about it to friends and colleagues. It is a very wise and good investment for self-development.


Testimonial from Anonymous

The most useful part of the program for me was learning compassion and self-compassion, HEALS and empowering children. Also, where the anger comes from and what its uses are and it's side effects.


Testimonial from Anonymous

My wife says I am a changed person. I no longer lose it when frustrated or angry and I can now have a disagreement with her without getting personal.


Testimonial from Anonymous

The most useful part of the program was understanding Core Hurts and Core Values. Understanding compassion and the effects of blame/anger. Realising that I am not alone and other people experience the same troubles that I do.


Testimonial from Gary H, Australia

Over the program, I have learnt that compassion gives me a feeling of emotional power. And I've taken control of my life. I have learnt that laying blame makes me feel worse than the person on the receiving end. I value my loved ones more. I feel more responsible for my own actions. I have found that pride and bad self-esteem made me an obnoxious pain in the ass. Whereas genuine pride has taught me that I am a special person and people, treat me differently because of it. I've learnt to love myself. That I am lovable. And I am worthy. Complementing all these over the past few months has made me a happy person and family and friends now want and welcome my company.

Gary H, Australia

Testimonial from Terry, Australia

This program has helped me understand myself and my family. Also, a lot of help in the workplace as well.

Terry, Australia

Testimonial from C. Pierson

A lot of my anger and confusion is now gone. I am beginning to understand things that controlled me. Now I control them. Peace of mind and dealing with others is becoming easier.

C. Pierson

Testimonial from R. Harvey, Australia

Denis has helped me understand the source of my anger. I have been so grateful that I learned to use emotional self-regulation.

R. Harvey, Australia

Testimonial from T. Austin, Australia

I would like to thank Denis Hay very much for giving me a wonderful presentation of this powerful course. The Compassion Program and Anger Regulation is precisely what I needed in my life. It has given me self-knowledge and many positive coping skills to regulate my anger by learning and experiencing compassion and love for myself and others. In such a short time my self-esteem and feeling of well-being have elevated enormously. My name is Terry John Austin, and I have no hesitation in Denis using my name on any aspect of this program.

T. Austin, Australia

Testimonial from S. Y. Queensland, Australia

"I would like to write in support of a programme run by Mr Denis Hay, which can be used both men and women who wish to manage better their anger. It comprises weekly sessions over 10-12 weeks using course materials that enable the participant to explore the reasons behind their inappropriate anger and encourages them to relate more compassionately to others. The programme explores the oft times unhealthy dynamics in a relationship that perpetuates and exacerbate conflict, and offers realistic solutions." "I can wholeheartedly recommend Mr Hay’s programme as I have personally benefited from undertaking this course. Mr Hay has considerable experience in this area of counselling, and I found him personable as well as a skilled communicator."

S. Y. Queensland, Australia

Testimonial from Mark, New South Walse, Australia

I have read many books (self-help) and received counselling in the past in an attempt to heal my internal pain and anger with the world. Since completing the "Compassion Program", my life has changed dramatically. I can now truly say that I have healed my pain and taken back the power that I inadvertently gave away in the past. Before the Compassion Program, I thought I had an anger problem, as it turns out, I had a resentment problem. I am now walking in the bright and delightful light of my inner core value. Thank you, Denis Hay.

Mark, New South Walse, Australia

Testimonial from Wayne T, extra comments

Other comments by Wayne: Communication on a weekly basis allowed me to discuss the course notes and ask questions - without that weekly forum; the course would not be very effective. Don't change a thing - It worked perfectively for me. Honestly, Denis is a very effective trainer - listening carefully and at all times, respectful, providing his own personal insights and valuable observations - thanks very much Denis.

Wayne T, extra comments

Testimonial from Wayne T, Brisbane, Australia. March 2009

I commenced the Compassion Program with high expectations. There was a lot at stake in my personal life with a strong likelihood that my wife was going to leave me (along with my two sons) if I could not resolve my outbursts of anger. I am happy to report that my expectations have not only been fulfilled but surpassed. The program that Denis rolled out is well-paced and easy to integrate into normal work-a-day life. It is really up to the individual how much effort they apply to adopting the practices and completing weekly homework assignments. This course itself is very powerful - simple and direct and easy to understand. It resounds with truth. At the completion of the course, I feel that every cent and second that I have invested in Denis's program has been well spent. My life is richer. My relationships are stronger. I am content and happy within myself. The simple techniques that I have been taught will assist me for the rest of my life. The understanding that I now have about my core value will also endure. I sincerely recommend this course to anyone and everyone. I give permission to use my testimony, name, and contact details to promote Compassion Coach Denis Hay and the Compassion Core Value Program.

Wayne T, Brisbane, Australia. March 2009

Testimonial from Chris V, Kuwait. April 2009

I was depressed, confused, humiliated and desperate when my wife separated from me. I prayed and studied the Bible scriptures for guidance when I found Compassion Coach online. Denis' calm, compassionate and very knowledgeable approach was instrumental to my recovery. Through his program, I learned how to establish myself again. It taught me how to create a healthy self-esteem, how to recognise hurt in me and others, and most importantly how to prevent anger. It taught me how to feel powerful without hurting others, how to be compassionate in the heat of an argument, and how to act in my best long-term interest. Whether my wife comes back or not, I'll be a much better person: more joyful, self-sufficient and emotionally mature. The principles used are very practical, it can be used in relationships and at work. It even ties in with some of the teachings of Jesus Christ! Other comments by Chris: Using online video counselling, I thought it would be impersonal, but exactly that provided some sort of comfort which allowed me to open up and talk about intimate things that I have not been able to tell anyone before. The program exceeded all my expectations. This is life-changing stuff. Thanks for your personal interest.

Chris V, Kuwait. April 2009

Testimonial from Anonymous

The program gave me an overall view of cognitive thinking and the ability to take a step backwards and to view the other person as an individual.


Testimonial from Bruce C

From the program I learnt self-control when dealing with situations, respect for others' feelings, emotions and Core Hurts, and compassion for myself and family members.

Bruce C

Testimonial from Anonymous

The program taught me about taking responsibility for how I feel. I can control inside me, even if outside me is outside my control.