A Guide to the Best Money Affirmations

Money is the gift that keeps on giving. You can use it to travel to exotic locations, buy your dream home and support your loved ones. It can bring you immense happiness and joy.

After ‘the year that shall not be named’, everybody could do with a money boost. By using our guide to money affirmations, you will be able to create the year that you want and experience more abundance.  

According to numerology, the number sequence 2021 is related to maintaining a positive attitude, regardless of the circumstances. By having an optimistic view amazing manifestations can occur. 

Real World Application

We can apply this logic to how we use money affirmations. The messages that we relay to ourselves on a daily basis can determine whether our books are in the black or the red. Each affirmation that we have selected will put you in alignment with the frequency of money.

Tap into your potential and make this year count by shifting the future of your finances. With the right tools (our handy guide!) you will experience wealth as you’ve never known before.  

“Lucrative financial opportunities are at my disposal”

The Universe is like a catalog. When you learn how to work with it you can select the things and experiences that you want and order them into your life. Your finances are no different, if you keep your mind and heart open anything is possible.

This affirmation will broaden your horizons and offer you opportunities that you may not have even considered. They will be presented to you in a variety of ways. When you start to feel positive and keep saying yes you will open many doors. 

“I have a healthy and prosperous relationship with money”

When you love money, it will love you back. If you see money as being scarce it will continue to be so in your life. Therefore, it’s important to have the right kind of relationship with it so that you can attract more into your life.

The mindset that you have can be changed. It’s just as easy to create a new, abundant mentality as it was to adopt a negative one that may have impacted your finances. Recite this affirmation to shift your reality and change your relationship with money. 

“I am a money magnet – everywhere I go it is drawn to me”

You can either attract money or repel it. You have the unlimited power that you need to create the prosperity that you desire. Don’t chase money, let it come to you by changing the dynamic of the flow of money in your life.

Your thoughts and feelings can magnetize and attract. Take a step toward abundance and start to envision money continuously flowing to you. Money is a form of energy and energy is a currency, exchange pleasant thoughts and words about it to receive more of it.

“I make money doing what I love”

It is your birthright to be happy and abundant. Every day is a gift and it should be appreciated and lived well to the highest degree. If the year 2020 has taught us anything it’s that we should appreciate what we have and go after our dreams.

Make a change today. Whether you’re in a dead-end job or your passion for your business is starting to diminish, this affirmation will lift your spirits. You can love what you do and make money in the process, you can have it all.

“An unlimited amount of money flows to me, effortlessly”

There is no ceiling on the amount of money that you can make. The Universe does not cap wealth according to each person. If you want to be a millionaire, you can make it happen. If you believe that you are a billionaire then it shall come to be.

Release any resistance that you may have. Only you can control how much money you can and will receive. Make it easy on yourself and use this affirmation to heal your limiting beliefs and allow money to pour into your life. 

“I make money in my sleep”

How would you feel if you could boost your bank balance while you enjoy a well-earned rest? Sounds like the dream, right? This could be your reality once you use the power of this affirmation.

It’s possible to manifest money in a variety of ways. It could be that you create multiple streams of income for yourself or you could literally wake up to unexpected funds in your bank account. No matter where you are or what you are doing, wealth can and will be yours.

“Money works for me”

Don’t become a slave to money, instead let it work in your favor. Take control! Just with everything else in this Universe we are the creators of everything that we are and have. 

Earning money doesn’t have to be a struggle, nor should it have to come as a result of hard work. It is absolutely possible for money to easily come into your life without strife. Make money work for you, not the other way around. 

“Everything I touch turns to gold”

The moment that you believe that everything you put your energy into becomes fruitful, it will. This affirmation will bring you endless treasures and blessings. Simple though it may be it is undeniably powerful.

Trust and believe in the process. You are full of magic that cannot be replicated. Your unique disposition and prowess as a creator can give you the lifestyle and riches that you desire.

“I am wealthy. I am rich. I AM money”

You are what you say you are and you become whatever you think. If you see yourself as broke then the chances are that you will struggle to pull yourself out of debt and money woes until you change your thoughts and feelings. 

Change your narrative and use this affirmation to help you feel aligned with what you want to manifest. Rid yourself of negativity and promote the wealth that you want to experience. By stating this regularly and consistently you will transform into the person that you want to be.

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