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Racism and Low Self-esteem

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People with low self-esteem have a lot of jealousy and a lot of envy.

The golden rule to self-esteem is: the road to psychological ruin begins with blame. If you start blaming, your self-esteem goes down. The road to psychological power begins with responsibility.

Hierarchical Self-Esteem: No Way to Win

Hierarchical self-esteem is a special kind of self-esteem, which is a no way to win self- esteem.

Hierarchy means you rank something. For example: number 1, number 2, number 3, etc.

The ranking is usually arbitrary. Hierarchical self-esteem means you rank people. People are superior because of certain qualities, and then you go down the rank, and then people are mediocre, and then inferior.

So not surprisingly hierarchical self-esteem is what drives racism, sexism, and all the isms.

In fact, sexism is the easiest, because if you’re not feeling so great about yourself, and you have to feel superior to somebody else, sexism is the best, because that’s 50% of the population just like that “hey I’m better than all of them.”

Then you add racism that’s another 10-15% of the population, ethnocentrism (the belief in the inherent superiority of one’s group and culture accompanied by a feeling of contempt for other groups and cultures), pretty soon you’re superior to everybody that’s not you.

Racism and sexism are always a function of a closed heart. People with closed hearts don’t feel very good about themselves, so people who don’t feel good about themselves have to rank people, and they pick some arbitrary quality like religion, gender, skin colour, where you are from, what language you speak.

Whatever it is, you’re using this artificial quality so you can feel better than that person. That is always going to be a function of low self-esteem, because when you think about it when you’re feeling really good about yourself, you’re not walking around feeling superior to anybody.

You’re not looking at that person and thinking, “I went to a better school than him, I’m better than him.” You don’t do that. In fact, if you’re feeling good about yourself, you can connect with people, you see value in other people.

It’s when you’re feeling bad about yourself; you start putting other people down.

Lateral Self-Esteem: The Power of Equality

The opposite of hierarchical self-esteem is lateral self-esteem.

Lateral self-esteem is when you believe in your heart that on a level of Core Value, not on a level of talents, or skills but the inherent, important value that every human being is born with, we’re all equal.

If you believe in that, you’ll never meet anyone superior to you. NEVER. You’ll never meet anyone inferior either. That’s the deep sense of what human beings are. The power of equality is more important than the superficiality of hierarchical self-esteem.


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