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What is "Normal"?

Normal distribution curve

Hi everyone,

What are your thoughts on what is “normal”? This video called “Crazywise” offers you a perspective on “normal”.

The video suggests that judgement about what is normal has a basis on idealising individualism and destroying social context and this is caused by the economic system that doesn’t value people are, but what they produce or what they consume.

When I started work, you were considered a valuable part of the organisation. They cared about you and treated you fairly. Now a day, it seems that most organisations see their workers as someone to be exploited. Their only goal is to maximise profits for the least costs.

An extension of this is if you cannot get work, are old, or have some disability, you are a burden and of no value.

I think people have a responsibility to promote social justice and to advocate for individuals who do not have a “voice”. I have had clients who have been exploited and abused by charitable institutions and government agencies where I have intervened and tried to rectify this abuse with limited success.

How would you act if you became aware of one of friend, colleague, or neighbour who was experiencing Institutional abuse?


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