36 Genuine Heart Chakra Affirmations

Within your body lives a collection of beautiful and powerful energy points called chakras.

Chakras, which is the Sanskrit word for “wheel,” have been felt and seen by many people during meditation as flowing, spiraling disks of energy where consciousness and matter meet and blend.

Although these energy points are found all throughout your body, there are seven main chakras, each of which are located along the length of your spine.

Each chakra is intricately connected to specific areas of your physical body, as well as to the various emotions you experience throughout your life.

Table of Contents:

  1. Your Heart Chakra Explained
  2. The Health of Your Heart Chakra
  3. The Power of Affirmations
  4. 36 Affirmations of the Heart Chakra
  5. Diving Deeper into Heart Affirmations

Your Heart Chakra Explained

Your heart chakra is one of the seven main chakras, and its home is within the center of your chest, nestled between your spine and sternum. From this space, it connects your earthly energies, which reside in the chakras below your heart space, to your Divine energies, which reside in the chakras above. 

Anahata is it’s Sanskrit name, which translates to “unhurt,” “unstruck,” and “unbeaten.” 

During meditation, the heart chakra is most often viewed and felt as a spiral of flowing, vibrant green energy.

Connected deeply to matters of the heart, your heart chakra continuously provides you with the opportunity to refine your capacity to love others, to love yourself, and to develop your ability to truly forgive others and yourself.

Your heart chakra is the sacred space where true, unconditional love is held and nurtured within you.

The Health of Your Heart Chakra

The state in which your heart chakra is flowing is intimately connected to your emotional responses to your own thoughts, ideas, attitudes, and inspirations, as well as the attention you give to your emotional needs.

When your chakras are flowing in their most optimal state, they’re referred to as being “open.”

Feelings of contentment, joy, bliss, hope, worthiness, unconditional forgiveness, trusting in your life path, and limitless love for all people, animals, plants, things, and yourself can all be felt and embodied when your heart chakra is flowing openly.

At all other times, your chakras may be referred to as being in a “compromised” or “still” state. Feelings of depression, resentment, heartache, hate, grief, loneliness, jealousy, worthlessness, and co-dependence can all be felt and embodied when your heart chakra has been compromised.

It’s very common to hear of a chakra being “closed,” however, this is misleading since a chakra is truly only closed at the time of death.

The Power of Affirmations

Affirmations are one of the most powerful ways in which we are all able to release that which no longer serves our highest good, heal from the hurts of our pasts, and manifest the qualities in ourselves and in our lives that we desire and are worthy of.

You may be wondering; “How do affirmations accomplish this?

Your thoughts, beliefs, and especially the words that you speak, are perhaps the most powerful instruments you possess in creating the life you desire.

Thoughts that have been growing within you since you were a child, thoughts that are fresh from watching the news, stories that you have created and constantly repeat to yourself…all of this, and more, fill up your mind every day.

What you think about is what you believe, and what you believe, is what you experience.

By utilizing affirmations on a daily basis, you are able to consciously guide your thoughts into the desired direction, thus allowing you to consciously create the life you are worthy of living.

There are many ways in which you could incorporate affirmations into your daily routine, however, the best way is the one that you will actually do! Be realistic about your day-to-day, and choose a method that will be most easily adapted by you.

Affirmation methods you may want to consider:

  • Speaking affirmations aloud to yourself in front of a mirror
  • Writing them down in a journal in the morning
  • Speaking affirmations aloud to yourself while taking your daily shower
  • Setting your screensaver/lock screen/home screen images as the text of a single affirmation
  • Choosing a single affirmation to speak, write, and/or think to yourself for an entire week

36 Affirmations of the Heart Chakra

  1. Today, I choose to be guided by my heart in all that I do.
  2. I shower every person, place, and thing in my world with loving thoughts.
  3. Loving myself works miracles in my life.
  4. I am worthy of receiving unconditional love.
  5. I give myself as much love as I give to others.
  6. I am a positive example for the children in my life. We communicate andexpress love freely.
  7. When I practice forgiveness frequently, my life improves greatly.
  8. I have wonderful relationships with my friends, family members, and co-workers.
  9. My heart is filled with joy, and I share this with everyone I come across.
  10. I love myself, fully and deeply.
  11. It is safe for me to release all of my childhood traumas and move into love.
  12. Today, I shower all parts of my being with unconditional love.
  13. I bless my parents with love, and give them the freedom to be themselves.
  14. With each exhale of my breath, my heart chakra opens and blooms just a little bit more.
  15. I willingly release the need to be unworthy, and so it is.
  16. Today I choose to send loving, healing energy out into our world for I knowthis makes a positive difference.
  17. I maintain healthy boundaries while remaining open to receiving and givinglove in all of its vast forms.
  18. I love who I am, and choose to think positively about myself.
  19. I am worthy of receiving unconditional forgiveness.
  20. It is easy for me to give love to others.
  21. I willingly forgive myself for holding onto past hurts, and I rejoice as I stepinto the lightness of my freed heart.
  22. I look upon my past, present, and future with love.
  23. There is so much love within my heart, and I delight in sharing it with myfamily and friends.
  24. I communicate openly and lovingly with my family members and friends.
  25. When I don’t know what to do, I turn to Love, for it will always guide me ontothe best path.
  26. Today I choose to live in a state of gratitude, and so it is.
  27. Receiving love from others is a way that I give love to myself.
  28. I forgive myself, fully and unconditionally.
  29. I deserve to have personal happiness, and I accept it now.
  30. I am surrounded by loving people.
  31. Unconditional love flows out from me with ease.
  32. I am love, I give love, and I am open to love.
  33. I willingly release the hurts of my past, and now choose to live with a freeheart, and so it is.
  34. My body is the home of my soul, and I fill it completely with the vibration oflove.
  35. My heart chakra is vibrant and open, and each person, animal, and plant I meet today will be embraced by its loving energy.
  36. I am Divine Love.

Putting Heart Affirmations into practice:

You don’t have to speak, think, or write multiple affirmations every day if you do not want to. In fact, many people believe that choosing a single affirmation and working with its energy consistently for a span of days may be more powerful than changing it daily.

Perhaps the affirmation that best speaks to your heart and soul lies within you. Creating your own affirmations is an intimate and very healing exercise as it allows you to incorporate details that are specific to you.

Here are a handful of prompts to support you in creating your own, unique affirmations to connect with and heal your heart chakra:

Diving Deeper into Heart Affirmations

In addition to incorporating affirmations into your daily routine, here are a few other beautiful practices that you may enjoy while developing a deeper connection with your heart chakra:

  • Each day, practice sending love to a different part of your being:
    • For example: “I love my arms. They are strong, enabling me to perform daily tasks with ease. They are comforting, sharing my love and warmth with others through the hugs they give.”
  • Practice the art of acceptance: you can’t change what’s already happened, but you can control your response to it.
  • Heart Breath Exercise:
    • With each inhale, direct your breath to flow into your heart space. As you exhale, imagine the edges of your heart space gently melting and spreading outward, just a little bit.
    • Continue to breathe in and out, the edges of your heart space continuing to melt and spread, melting away any hardness that was within your heart space, leaving you feeling warm and lighthearted.

When your heart chakra is flowing openly and smoothly, the way you feel, the thoughts you have, your physical well-being, and your outlook on life all improve in truly miraculous ways.

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