Shifting Methods: What Are They and Do They Really Work?

This latest phenomenon has created quite the conversation. With some people swearing by its potential and its methods and others disputing its possibilities, reality shifting has stirred the pot and shaken the boundaries of what can and can’t be achieved with the mind.

Popularised by Gen Z social media stars and picked up by some of the biggest online publications, it’s no wonder so many are wondering what it’s all about.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Reality Shifting?
  2. How is Reality Shifting Used?
  3. Do Shifting Methods Really Work?
  4. Three Popular Examples of Shifting Methods
    1. The Heartbeat Shifting Method
    2. The Reality Shifting Script
    3. Shapeshifting Method

What is Reality Shifting?

Reality shifting involves switching your consciousness from your current life to your desired reality. Some refer to it as ‘vivid dreams’ while others may feel as though they have stepped into a new world where everything feels as real as their current reality. 

Your desired reality can be anywhere you want to be. The social media platform TikTok sparked the trend of reality shifting to none other than Hogwarts where witchcraft and wizardry, Quidditch, and Butter Beers are at the top of the itinerary. 

With reality shifting, fairytales become real life. The possibilities of your reality open up to include everything that you could ever think of. No more ‘if only’ or ‘I wish’, what didn’t seem possible will now become a real opportunity to grow and explore.

According to reality shifting and the principles of physics, what you perceive as ‘real’ is simply a construction of events in your mind. 

How is Reality Shifting Used?

If you have a burning desire to live in a magical land or interact with your favorite characters from a movie then reality shifting can help you to achieve it. It’s like turning cosplay into real life, you no longer have to dress up, you can be the person that you want to be.

There are no rules or exceptions as to what you can achieve with reality shifting, it doesn’t matter if the reality you want to shift to exist or not you can make it happen.

As long as your heart is in the process you can use these methods however you please to give you the results that you want. So ask yourself, what exactly is it that you want? Do you have a secret fantasy that you’ve always wanted to live out? Reality shifting claims to make it all possible.

However, the question on most people’s minds is…

Do Shifting Methods Really Work?

As is the general consensus, the feedback from using reality shifting methods is ‘results may vary’. Depending on how imaginative and creative your mind is you can enjoy realistic transformations and alternative realities. They can feel somewhat like lucid dreams where you have complete control over what is happening. 

Here we’ll look into some of the most popular reality shifting methods and decipher what they are, how you can use them, and whether or not they work.

The three most popular examples are:

  • Heartbeat Shifting
  • Reality Shifting Scripting
  • Shapeshifting

Let’s take a deeper look into each method below.

#1. The Heartbeat Shifting Method

This method is like a combination of ASMR and creative visualization. It’s perfect if you’re the type to use gentle sounds to help you drift off to sleep or meditate. The heartbeat shifting method is relatively new but has given some people impressive results. 

As a consequence, it has become a topic of interest amongst reality shifters. Given that it is so popular, many people have started to adopt the practice. If you’re interested in beginning your shapeshifting journey then this is a great way to get started.  

What Is Heartbeat Shifting?

Heartbeat shifting is a gentle and pleasant way of shifting your reality. Its main reality shifting factor uses the sound of a heartbeat. This works in several ways as it can help you to doze off into your new reality, relax you, and also to connect you with the heart chakra.

The energy of the heart can be used for creation and sparks the divine shift to your new reality. This method is purported to be a powerful way of helping you to achieve your goals. The process is simple and requires very little effort compared with some techniques so it’s perfect for beginners. 

The heartbeat shifting method is the perfect way to help you with your mission. It is a beautiful ritual that will empower and help you to bring your fantasies to life. As well as involving the sound of a heartbeat, it also includes tapping into your imagination and if you allow yourself to relax into a deep state you could even get a fun and enjoyable sleep out of it – sounds like a win!

How to Use Heartbeat Shifting

To get started with the heartbeat shifting method find a video or audio clip of a heartbeat. For a personal touch, you could even record your own and use it for the reality shifting process. Once you are satisfied with your audio and you have made sure that it is clear and coherent, you are now ready to take action.

Step #1: Go to a room with a bed or somewhere you can lie down. It is important to ensure that you will not be distracted, if it helps you to concentrate then dim the lights. Place your device with the audio under a pillow, close your eyes and lie down. Listen to the sounds of the heartbeat and take in every detail of the experience.

Step #2: Feel the vibration of the heartbeat penetrate your aura and radiate throughout your body. As you listen to the audio you should feel connected to it and become one with the sound. You should spend at least 10 minutes focusing on the heartbeat before moving on to the next step.

Step #3: When the audio stops, start to visualize yourself lying on the chest of someone from your desired reality. They must be someone you are drawn to and have a burning desire to connect with. The stronger your bond with this person the greater chances you have of you shifting to your desired reality.   

Step #4: Imagine that the person you are lying on is asking if you are ready to go. If you feel like you need more time to listen to the heartbeat then allow yourself a few more moments before proceeding. However, if you want to go, start to see yourself taking their hand and being led to a door. To leave your current reality you must go through the doorway and out onto the other side. 

Step #5: Envision a bright, white light enveloping your body. You should feel safe, calm, and in total control. This is an experience that should excite you and help you to live the life of your dreams. Look behind you and see your body sleeping, knowing that you can return back whenever you are ready. Then look toward your desired reality and enter into it. 

The Verdict on Heartbeat Shifting  

The combination of visualization and audio is a great technique to help you shift reality. Creative visualization can invoke some of the most incredible changes and propel you through space from one dimension to another. The potential of this method working is high, especially if you are in tune with your inner being.

When you know that you can do, be or achieve anything you will prosper and shift reality with flying colors. When you go into a deep meditative state and visualize during heartbeat shifting don’t be afraid to go further and submit to the experience. Let go of the urge to emerge from your visualization and follow through. Enjoy the pleasures that it brings and enter your new world. 

#2. The Reality Shifting Script

Shifting your reality through journaling is a popular method that will transport you to the reality that you desire. By tapping into the process of scripting you open doors to a new world where anything is possible. There are no limitations to what you can achieve when you use a journal for reality shifting.

Your journal is what will bridge the gap between your current reality and the one that you desire. Though you may be scripting your new life you are not creating a new reality you are aligning your energy with the reality that you want to connect with.

How to Create Your Reality Shifting Script

To make your dreams come true through journaling you have to write about every detail relating to the experience that you want to have. By following a specific script you will ensure that you adhere to the right path and accurately shift to the correct reality. Though the format of the script should be consistent, its contents and what you write down should be unique and specific to your needs.

Your script can be long and detailed or short and sweet. However, the more that you write the more accurate your experience will be according to the reality that you want to shift to. It’s up to you, if there is a particular direction that you want to go down then you must do what your heart is telling you to do. 

To begin, find a journal to record your script in. It can be anything that you are comfortable using, however, many choose to decorate their journals or buy special books for the occasion. Then, the following template should be used to create your script:


State your name clearly. This could be your birth name or what you wish to be called in your desired reality. If you want to be married to a certain person in your new reality then change your name accordingly, the same principle applies if you want to be related to someone. 


How old are you? If you want to be older, state the age that you want to and do the same if you wish to be younger than what you are in your current reality.


Stepping into your desired reality doesn’t mean that you have to be the same person you are in your current reality. You can be yourself or you can change everything about you, even your gender – the choice is up to you. 


Fancy a British accent? How about a Spanish twang? Choose the accent that you would like to have and record it in your script.

Physical Characteristics

One of the most exciting parts of scripting with a journal is that you can change how you look. Write down everything from your ideal height, eye color, the details of your hair and skin, go all out, and don’t leave out any information. 

Other Significant Details

This section should be dedicated to certain elements of yourself that you want to have. Perhaps you have always wanted to play the guitar, this is a great opportunity to include this in your desired reality. List your talents, if you have a pet, where you live, the name of your school or workplace, and anything else you can think of.

The Year of Your Desired Reality

Are you living in the past or in the distant future? Make it clear what era you are in so that you may shift your reality.

Sexual Orientation

Gay, straight, bi, pan… whatever your sexuality is or what you want it to be, write it down.

Your Desired Species

This is where scripting can get interesting and pretty out there. This method can help you to change your breed. Go wild with your imagination. If you don’t feel like being human anymore you can use scripting to shift you to a reality where you are a werewolf, wizard, or other mythical creature.

Your Personality

Define your personality traits and any important aspects that make up who you are as a person. If you want to be confident, note it down. Bubbly, enthusiastic, or glum and gloomy, be specific about all of the details.

Describe Your New Life in Your Desired Reality

This part of your script is where you get to decide how your life plays out in your desired reality. This should include how people perceive you, the kind of activities you get up to, the dilemmas you face, and the lifestyle you live.


The rules that you set as some of the most important aspects of your script. They will help you to stay safe and gain more control over your reality. Rules that you may want to set are triggers that you can activate in your desired reality that will bring you back to your body. This could be pulling on your earlobe, clicking your heels together, or chanting a specific set of words. 


Add a paragraph or two about who you are and your family’s background.

Description of Characters and Places

Fill your desired reality with places and faces. Write out all information relating to the people that will play a prominent role in your life. Write out how they look, what your relationship is like, how they treat you, and important information about them.

Finally, cap off your script with any other relevant pieces of information that do not fit under the listed subheadings. Everything that you have written should make you feel excited and positive. Feel as though it is possible and your script will become the basis for your new reality.  

The Verdict on Reality Shifting Scripting

The practice of scripting is not new. It’s a hot topic in the law of attraction community and now that reality shifting fans have adopted this practice it has taken on a new lease of life. This method can be effective at helping you to merge with another dimension. Scripting will help to take your mind away from this current life and into another.

By writing out a script you set your intention and understand exactly what you want to achieve in greater detail. It helps you to outline exactly what you want and make it clear to yourself and the higher powers. Scripting can be used in a variety of ways and has proven to be extremely powerful in helping people to shift reality.

Overall, this is a great technique to help you establish the finer details of your desired reality. It is most effective when you do this process before you intend to consciously shift to your reality. As you script, let it raise your vibration and consciousness to new heightened levels and enjoy the feeling of complete control as you create your new reality.

#3. Shapeshifting Method

Though it may sound a little too sci-fi for some, shapeshifting has become more and more recognized as a technique to help shift one’s reality. Many perceive this method to be one of the hardest to master as it involves making physical changes within the body.

There is nothing that is too big or difficult for you to achieve. Once you practice and give yourself time to the intensity of this challenge you conquer reality shifting in all its forms. It's safe to say that if you can pull this off there's no stopping you! 

What is shapeshifting?

This Native American transformation technique allows you to take the form of whatever being you want. The manifestation of your desires will shift your reality and physical being to take on a new form. Many people use shapeshifting to bring their Twilight dreams to life by changing into a werewolf or some choose to connect to their power animal.

The concept of shapeshifting is based on the theory that we are shapeless. As we are made of energy we can move in and out of form. When we use our innate ability to invoke physical transfiguration, we can pick and choose who or what we want to be. This is magic and metamorphosis rolled up into one.

A Shapeshifting Method

Lie down in a comfortable place and take deep slow breaths to relax and soothe yourself. Select an audio that will help you with your shapeshifting. Traditionally, in Native American culture, they would attempt to change their physical being with the assistance of drums. You could however try to incorporate subliminals that are designed to help you change into whatever form you like. Another suggestion would be to play sounds such as howling, cooing, or whatever the animal you want to sound like. 

Continue with your breathwork and listen to the sounds around you. Feel the energy flowing through your body and become aware of your existence. Then imagine that your body is shifting. From your toes work your way up and feel the transformation taking place until you have completed your metamorphosis. Now take a moment to bask in the sensations that your new body brings. Notice the changes in your skin, nails, and teeth. Connect with your new identity and feel good about the experience. 

Tap into the changes that have occurred in your senses. For example, if you have shapeshifted into a dog then you should notice that your sense of smell has increased dramatically. If the animal of your choice has razor-sharp hearing then try to focus on sounds that are being produced miles away. Recognize the shift in your senses.

To strengthen your shapeshifting abilities, try changing into another form. This time you can try turning into another person or even a plant. Close your eyes and make small movements as if to trigger your new transformation. Repeat the process again and connect with your newfound ability to shapeshift.  

The Verdict on Shapeshifting  

The fact is, anything in the universe is possible including shapeshifting. You have the potential to create anything that you want, this is part of your power as an unlimited creator. The shapeshifting method simply helps you to utilize your existing power and cultivate the experiences that you want.

However, a flaw in this method is that it doesn’t address one of the biggest obstacles to shapeshifting – belief. When you have lived in a society where metaphysical concepts are met with skepticism and you are told that you can only be the person you were born as you may find it hard to believe that shapeshifting is possible.

To most people, it may seem absurd, ludicrous, or just plain hilarious. Breaking free from the limiting beliefs of society poses a challenge in itself. Any blockages that you have will prevent you from achieving the goal of shapeshifting. Though the method itself may work you would need to rid yourself of any beliefs that you may have.