What Is the 55 x 5 Method?

How many Law of Attraction techniques do you know? One or two? How about 55 x 5? If you’re looking for a magical method that will help you to attract all of your desires then this is for you. 

It’s simple and can be incorporated into your everyday life. The 55 x 5 method can manifest your intentions and help you to achieve your dreams. If you want to raise your vibration and live the life that you deserve then it’s time to get on board and break down this method.

The Method

This technique involves shifting your subconscious beliefs and utilizing the power of affirmations. The method involves repeating your intention 55 times a day for 5 days. 

Simply think about something that you want and turn it into an affirmation. For example, if you want to manifest $10,000 you can create an affirmation such as ‘I have $10,000 in my checking account’.

Then, set some time aside during the day to write out your affirmation 55 times

I have $10,000 in my checking account

I have $10,000 in my checking account

I have $10,000 in my checking account


Repeat this process for 5 days and watch the magic take form in your life.

Why 55×5?

Affirmations will help you to overcome and challenge any limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging thoughts. By reciting them often it can focus your mind on what you want and align you with your desire. The 55 x 5 method works in the same way.

Think about the basic formula for the Law of Attraction: ask. Believe. Receive. The 55 x 5 method is the ask stage, it sets your intention and puts it out into the Universe. It is also the believe stage, it programs your mind to accept the affirmation as fact.

It is then up to you to take the next step and receive. While you are writing your affirmations get excited. Put your creative energy into this practice and feel positive vibrations. When you believe it, you can achieve it. 

The 55 x 5 method evokes the feeling of already having what you want. When you put your all into feeling your intention rather than just writing it you will manifest it fast. It’s all about what you make of it.  

Extra Tips and Tricks

Get the most out of the 55 x 5 method and make it work for you. By implementing these tips and tricks you will maximize the effect of the technique and benefit from its magic.


On its own the 55 x 5 method is amazing, but if you add in a little visualization you will take it to a whole other level. Write out your affirmations 55 times and when you are finished start to visualize what you want. Close your eyes and imagine that you already have the thing that you want. Use all of your senses to make it real and connect with your intention. When you are finished, open your eyes and say thank you to the Universe.

Speak It Into Existence

If you are in an environment that you feel comfortable in why not say your affirmations out loud after you have written them. Recite them and confidently own what you want. The power is in your hands, or more specifically, your voice. Say it to the world, the Universe, and yourself. As you do this you will strengthen your belief and speak it into existence

Candle Magic

Go the extra mile and use the powerful vibration of candles to manifest your intention. Light a candle before you start the process and ask the Universe to help you manifest what you want. Take in the calming energy of the flame and start writing out your affirmation.

You should feel peaceful, centered, and aligned. When you have finished look deep into the flame and feel as though the Universe is working to bring what you want into your life. As you blow out the candle watch the smoke waft up to the heavens, sending your wishes to the higher powers. 

Helpful Affirmations

When you choose your affirmations they have to be in the present tense and they have to be specific. The Universe will give you exactly what you want, so make sure that you know with all of your heart what it is that you desire. 

The Universe also has no concept of time, however if your affirmation is in the future tense you will manifest ‘wanting’ to have it rather than having it. If you want to make the 55 x 5 method work for you, focus on the end goal, not on the journey. 

If you need some helpful affirmations for the 55 x 5 method then try out some of these examples:

Money and Success

I am so grateful now that I have $[insert amount]

I have attracted [insert amount] clients for my business

I am featured on the Forbes under 30 list

I am the proud owner of a [insert brand name] franchise

I have achieved my business goals. I have successfully surpassed my financial target for Q1

Love and Romance 

I am in a happy and fulfilling relationship with my partner

I have met the perfect lover and we are in a committed relationship

My partner proposed marriage to me, I am so happy and grateful

My love life is exciting. I have wonderful encounters with lovers that are the perfect match for me

I am in my dream relationship with my soulmate


My body functions perfectly 

Every cell in my body is full of positive, healing energy

I feel fit, healthy, and happy

I am full of vitality and vigor

My health is the best that it has ever been. I feel young, fresh, and full of vibrant energy.


I have a soul tribe of best friends who love and respect me

My friendships add value to my life

I am connected with high vibrational people 

I am surrounded by friends who care for my wellbeing and want the best for me

My friends enjoy my company and put in the effort to spend time with me

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