The Top 80 Self Love Affirmations

The greatest love affair that you will ever have is with yourself. The sad truth is that it’s far more common to fantasise about finding your soulmate than connecting with who you are. 

Self-love is the foundation for many blessings in our lives. It sets a precedence for how we allow others to treat us, the decisions that we make and our outlook on life. When we feel love for ourselves, the world loves us back.

Be completely honest with yourself and answer this, do you truly love yourself? Do you know your worth? Do you set healthy boundaries with other people?

Everybody should answer yes to these questions with confidence, however many don’t. It’s a sad fact that so many of us have unhealthy relationships with ourselves. So how can we resolve this and change this negative mindset?

Affirming Love

The more that we speak positive, loving affirmations to ourselves, the more we feel it inside. Affirmations can bring us endless joy and abundance. They can dissolve negative beliefs and instil a sense of happiness and peace.

It is essential to our wellbeing that we only entertain positive thoughts about ourselves. If you think negatively then you will bring more into your experience.

Common limiting beliefs are:

‘I’m not good enough’

‘I’m not worthy’

‘They could never love me’

‘I hate myself’

Every one of those statements does you a disservice. They create resentment and hostility toward oneself that is counterproductive to our development. If you’re guilty of having similar beliefs then love is the answer.

Use loving affirmations to turn your life around. Become the best version of yourself and think nothing less than what you are. From this moment on, make it your mission to fall in love with yourself. 

With Love

If you need some ideas for self-love affirmations then use our tried and tested favourites:

  1. I love every inch of my body
  2. I am perfect in every way
  3. I celebrate myself every day
  4. Being me is the best feeling in the world
  5. I look, feel and I am absolutely amazing
  6. I am an amazing (woman/man/person)
  7. I am enough
  8. I know my self worth
  9. I respect and value myself
  10. I am undeniably beautiful
  11. Damn! I’m an absolute knockout!
  12. Every day my potential increases 
  13. I radiate with confidence
  14. I comfortably set my boundaries with others
  15. I feel so happy and at peace in my own company
  16. I treat myself with love and care
  17. Every day is a new opportunity to show the world my greatness
  18. I am a superstar
  19. I believe in myself
  20. I am capable of achieving my dreams
  21. The world is my oyster and I am the pearl
  22. I am a positive example to myself and others
  23. I am always kind to myself
  24. I understand that the present moment is the only moment that matters
  25. I forgive myself and others
  26. My mental and emotional health is important to me
  27. I surround myself with people that care about my wellbeing
  28. I am happy to invest in myself
  29. I believe that I deserve everything that I desire 
  30. I can manifest anything that I want, easily and effortlessly
  31. I am thriving each and every day
  32. I have a lot to offer
  33. I am a catch
  34. I add so much joy to this world
  35. I express myself in a way that is authentic to me
  36. I am loved, respected and admired
  37. I am intelligent and highly intuitive
  38. I am blessed by the Universe
  39. My body is a temple
  40. When I look in the mirror I love what I see
  41. I am lovable
  42. I listen to my body
  43. I am proud to be who I am
  44. I am my best friend
  45. It is an honour being me
  46. I practice self-care regularly
  47. I am a strong person who can face any obstacle
  48. I am always learning, growing and developing
  49. I have a beautiful soul
  50. I know how to speak my mind 
  51. My opinion is valid and valuable
  52. I approve of myself
  53. I attract miracles every day
  54. I am open to change
  55. I have a high self-esteem
  56. I adore myself 
  57. I look up to myself
  58. I expect people to treat me well
  59. I know what I have to offer
  60. I am incredible, magnificent and extraordinary
  61. I am pure magic!
  62. There is no one else like me, and that’s a good thing
  63. Success is my birthright
  64. It is ok for me to love myself
  65. My beauty is astounding
  66. I look great naked
  67. I look amazing in clothes, too!
  68. I like who I am and who I am becoming
  69. I am so talented, I have unique skills that make me an asset
  70. People like me and value my presence
  71. I spread joy everywhere I go
  72. I am whole and complete
  73. I am full of life
  74. The world is a better place with me in it
  75. I deserve to be happy
  76. There is more to me than what meets the eye
  77. The more I get to know myself, the deeper I fall in love
  78. I am wonderful 
  79. I am abundant
  80. I am a light in this Universe

When you use these affirmations feel it deep within. Let the words flow through you and affect you to your core. They are more than just positive statements, they are the basis of the new you.

With these affirmations, you will upgrade your beliefs. No longer will you be judgemental or unkind to yourself. You will recognise the God or Goddess that lies within.

Every negative belief that you have about yourself is a lie. You are the most powerful being in this world – we all are! We make up the fabric of the Universe and together we create our own experiences.

Self Love Summary

Once you start to believe these affirmations you won’t look back. Why life with negative beliefs when you can prosper with positive thoughts. There is no denying which one is better – choose joy and happiness.

Love yourself and continue to do so no matter what is happening around you. Know your worth and stand tall. Be proud of who you are and show the world what you are made of.

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