The Top Visualization Techniques & How To Use Them

Visualization is the act of using your imagination to create something that you want. We use it every day in unconscious ways, from daydreaming to simple thoughts and images that enter our mind, we are creating our experiences.

The moment that we start to use this power in a conscious way we become unstoppable. Every positive and negative experience that we have faced in life is due to the way that we perceive the world. We can shift this and make life work in our favor once we learn the visualization techniques that can help us to create the experiences that we want.

The Technique

These visualization methods are top tier, they can help you to add depth to your practices and manifest your desires for 2021. Start to envision the year that you want and put the past behind you. Try these out for yourself and see the incredible changes that they can bring. 

Use Your Senses

Visualization is more than what you see. The basis is to form a mental image of what you want to attract into your life, however there are several missing ingredients that will guarantee you success. From touch to taste, your senses will take your visualization from a daydream to a complete shift in your reality.

When you use your senses your visualization will feel more real. It will help you to manifest what you want and bring your dreams to life. The stronger the sensations, the more your brain will perceive your visualization as if it is happening in the present moment.

Not only is this extremely powerful, but this is also a fun exercise that will help you to achieve your goals. It’s all about the little details that you add to your visualization. Put your creativity to good use to create an extrasensory experience.

How To:

Use your sight to picture the end result of what you want to attract. Add vibrant colors and envision different textures. With your mind, you can make a HD cinematic video reel of your dream life.

Smell the air around you. If you are visualizing a new home, imagine the scent of the rooms or a home-cooked meal that you have prepared.

Don’t forget to include taste. If your visualization is by the beach then imagine the taste of the salty ocean spray on your lips. If you’re in a restaurant, taste the delicious food.

Add some audio to your visualization to take it to the next level. Play music that sets your soul on fire, hear the words of your loved ones or your boss telling you that you are being given a promotion.

Finally, use your sense of touch. Feel your hands wrapping around the steering wheel of your brand new car. If you want to manifest a pregnancy, caresses the skin of the newborn baby that you have always wanted.

Revisit The Past

All of the moments that you’ve ever experienced, good and bad, are stored in your mind. Sometimes we may want to forget the ones that don’t serve us, but what about the ones that we want to relive? 

Think back to a past memory that made you feel prosperous, loved, or healthy. Pick a moment in time that is closely related to what you want to manifest today. For example, if you want to attract money then use a memory of someone giving you an unexpected cheque or money coming to you in random ways.

The memory that you pick should make you feel good. You want to feel in alignment with what you want therefore it should help you to connect to that specific vibration. When you feel it, you can bring it into your reality.

According to the concept of time, the past is no more than a simple memory. It does not exist any more than the future which has not happened yet. When you use positive memories to evoke good feelings your subconscious mind will manifest and create in alignment with the emotions that it brings.  

How To:

During your visualization, take yourself back to your specific memory in your mind. Remember how it felt to be in that moment and soak up all of the emotions. Now shift this image and change the picture to reflect what you want to manifest in the now while still staying in the feeling place of your memory.

Doing this will raise your vibration and make it easier to feel as if you already have what you want. If you have already experienced something similar to what you want to manifest, you know exactly how you will react to receiving it. You can then replicate that feeling and attract accordingly.

The Pink Bubble Method

What do you do at the end of your visualization session? Do you immediately open your eyes? Perhaps you give yourself some time to take it all in. There is a secret weapon that you can use at the end of your visualization that can create instant results.

Created by the late Shakti Gawain, The Pink Bubble Technique will help you to channel your desires up and out into the Universe. This is so powerful that people have reported results as fast as 5 minutes. It is a creative visualization method that will miraculously transform your life.

If you’ve ever tried visualization and wanted to add some extra magic, this will give you the results that you have been looking for. It combines chakra color theory while centering your spiritual energy. 

How To:

Visualize what you want and feel as if it is already happening. While you are doing this, make sure that the picture that you have in your mind is as clear as possible. Once you are feeling in the moment and connected to what you want, it’s time to activate the pink bubble.

Take the image of your visualization and place it inside a bubble that is in a luminous shade of pink. This bubble is full of magnetic electricity and its color plays an important role. This is the color that is associated with the heart chakra, next to green. 

This will open up your heart center and go beyond the meridian to allow you to manifest using its energy. The heart can open the doors of possibilities and soothe away troubles. Adding its power to your visualization routine is the perfect way to bring more abundance into your life.

The last step is to let go of this bubble. See it floating out into the Universe, attracting your visualization as it goes. This symbolizes the letting go part of the manifestation process. It also encourages potent energy to work in a way that will bring your experience to life. 

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