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Hello, I'm Denis Hay, a professional counsellor. Welcome to a down to earth, yet practical website that could revolutionise your life.

If your emotions, anger, stress or depression are causing damage to vital aspects of your life and making life a challenge there’s a problem, but having the courage to act to correct these issues takes guts.

That's where I can assist you. My job is to help and support you to enrich your life and relationships and to guide you towards your deepest values and fulfilling life.


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Record Unemployment Underemployment and unemployment in Australia are at record levels. The latest data from Roy Morgan shows there are 2.59 million people who are either underemployed or unemployed. Job Loss and Suicide Research in the United States shows unemployment duration as being the dominant force in the relationship between job loss and suicide. Suicide is one of the leading causes of...
Appropriate Assertiveness is being able to state your case without arousing the defences of the other person. It works when you say how it is for you rather than what they should or shouldn't do. "The way I see it...", attached to your positive statement, helps. A skilled "I" statement goes even further. The "I" statement formula can be useful because it says how it is for me, how I see it from...
Photo by Pixabay Guest post If you’re looking for ways to overcome addiction, there are lots of methods to choose from. Most people know about Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, but what if the traditional 12-step program isn’t right for you? There are lots of options to treat your addiction, with varying degrees of success. Research to see if there’s one that will work for you. Here...