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Hello, I'm Denis Hay, a professional counsellor. Welcome to a down to earth, yet practical website that could revolutionise your life.

If your emotions, anger, stress or depression are causing damage to vital aspects of your life and making life a challenge there’s a problem, but having the courage to act to correct these issues takes guts.

That's where I can assist you. My job is to help and support you to enrich your life and relationships and to guide you towards your deepest values and fulfilling life.


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Hi everyone, What are your thoughts on what is “normal”? This video called “Crazywise” offers you a perspective on “normal”. The video suggests that judgement about what is normal has a basis on idealising individualism and destroying social context and this is caused by the economic system that doesn’t value people are, but what they produce or what they consume. When I started work, you were...
I put together this infographic to advertise my new Basic Core Value online course.
Power Struggles Power struggles result when people try to avoid feeling powerless by attempting to force the other person to submit in some way. If this approach is successful, it provides temporary relief of powerlessness. However, this approach results in power struggles that produce high levels of resentment and hostility. But it is essential that we establish harmony between ourselves and...