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Hello, I'm Denis Hay, a professional counsellor. Welcome to a down to earth, yet practical website that could revolutionise your life.

If your emotions, anger, stress or depression are causing damage to vital aspects of your life and making life a challenge there’s a problem, but having the courage to act to correct these issues takes guts.

That's where I can assist you. My job is to help and support you to enrich your life and relationships and to guide you towards your deepest values and fulfilling life.


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Forgiveness and Resentment Forgiveness is the emotional opposite of resentment. Forgiveness is not condoning or overlooking offences, it’s not reconciling with someone who has hurt you, and it’s not foregoing legal procedures of justice. Letting Go of The Impulse to Punish Forgiveness is about letting go of the impulse to punish or reject in retaliation for the offence. You are forgiving, not...
Hi there, I have just uploaded part 2 of " How Resentment Can Destroy Your Relationship, Your Life, and Community Part 2 " I hope you find it useful. I would appreciate it if you would subscribe to my YouTube Channel and share the link with your friends and colleagues.​
My welcome video gives you an introduction to my YouTube Channel , the helpful topics I will cover, and the frequency of my video postings. I am open to suggestions for future video topics. My aim is to provide you with useful and practical information that will help improve your life and relationships.