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Hello, I'm Denis Hay, a professional counsellor. Welcome to a down to earth, yet practical website that could revolutionise your life.

If your emotions, anger, stress or depression are causing damage to vital aspects of your life and making life a challenge there’s a problem, but having the courage to act to correct these issues takes guts.

That's where I can assist you. My job is to help and support you to enrich your life and relationships and to guide you towards your deepest values and fulfilling life.


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I statements are not the be all end all to resolving interpersonal communication and resolving the conflict. Starting with an “I” instead of “You” is less critical and less likely to make the listener as defensive as “you,” statements. The success of implementing the suggestion in the rest of this article depends to a large extent on how well you can manage your emotions under stress. I would...
Road rage has become a common occurrence. Life, in general, is putting many stressors on people, and some people find it challenging to manage their emotions when stress builds up. Definition of Road Rage Webster dictionary defines road rage as a motorist that is usually provoked by another motorist’s irritating act and is expressed in aggressive or violent behaviour. How to Prevent Road Rage Be...
“I” Statements, Only One Tool I statements are a way of owning what you are saying or feeling. Using an I statement in your conversations with others tends to minimise any defensiveness in the other person. I statements are only one tool in a communication toolbox. Emotional Intelligence However, what’s more important than I statements is emotional intelligence and having the skills to manage...