The Two Cup Manifestation Method

The Two Cup Manifestation Method has incredible potential. It can take us to a new world of prosperity. There are many Law of Attraction methods that can help us to create the life that we want.

The Law of Attraction can open many doors.

It provides us with the opportunities we want. Using the Two Cup Method can boost our manifestation ability. What we thought we couldn’t achieve is now easier to attract.

As we explore this manifestation technique we will uncover the mystery behind its success rate. So how does it work and what does it involve? We have the ultimate guide for the Two Cup Manifestation Method.

What is the Two Cup Method

This method goes beyond the average understanding of the Law of Attraction. We’re talking paradigms, conscious reality, and jumping dimensions. Though it may sound extreme it’s not as complex as it sounds.

The Two Cup Method is a manifestation technique that allows you to shift reality. It is used to manifest intentions and change our material world. By simply using two cups, you can change your personal circumstances for the better.

The Magic of the Two Cup Method

It uses the power and effect of the mind on water molecules. Drawing upon studies performed by the great Dr. Emoto, the Two Cup Method combines his theory with reality shifting. It is the perfect blend of the scientific and the spiritual aspects of physics.

It is said that when a big change happens in our life we have jumped from one dimension to the next. Therefore if we want to create significant changes in our lives we must follow the same principle. With that knowledge, the Two Cup Method was born.

Who Created the Two Cup Method?

Dr. Emoto was a well-known pseudoscientist. He claimed that the consciousness of the human mind could alter the molecular structure of water. 

When we are in a negative state of mind we are vibrating at a low frequency. Likewise, if we are feeling positive we emit a high vibrational frequency. Everything in the Universe is made of energy and so it is affected by our vibration.

Water is no different. When it is exposed to thoughts, words, or sounds it changes its structure. Dr. Emoto demonstrated this by directing positive intentions and words toward a glass of water. He then froze it and observed the water crystals expressions using powerful microscopic equipment and high-speed photography. 

All About Water

He noticed that the patterns of the water molecule were akin to snowflakes. They were beautiful in design and were aesthetically pleasing to the eye. He also repeated the results with negative words and the results were astounding.

The water crystals were asymmetric, dull, and lacking in life. The stark contrast led Dr. Emoto to the conclusion that our vibration affects water. He also repeated this experiment using water.

In the Two Cup Method, the cups represent the dimensions and the water carries the vibration of our intention. In Dr. Emoto’s experiments, he used notes with negative and positive phrases. 

If he could gain these results then imagine the amazing and exciting new reality that we could tap into with the Two Cup Method for manifestation. The prospects are truly incredible. Anything that you want can be yours with this magnificent method.

How to Use the Two Cup Method

Take control of your life and attract everything that you desire. The Two Cup Method is transformative. It will take your life to the next level and shift you into a new reality. Try the method that facilitates the Law of Attraction, this quantum scientific technique 

What you will need for the Two Cup Method:

  • Two cups that are of equal size,
  • A pen, 
  • Two labels
  • …and (of course) water

Before you begin, think about what it is that you want to manifest. Get clear on your intention and have no doubt about it in your mind. 

Take your pen and write your current situation on one of the labels and stick it to a glass. Then write what you want to manifest on the other label and stick it to the empty glass. 

Two Cup Method in practice

If you are struggling financially you would write ‘broke and poor’ on a label and stick it one glass. Then you would write what you want to manifest on the other label and stick to the other. 

Make sure that you are as specific as possible. Writing ‘I have more money’ could mean that you will attract anything from 1 cent to a million dollars. When you know exactly what you want the Universe will deliver it to you.

For example ‘I have $100,000 in my bank account’ is far more accurate and precise. The Two Cup Method is powerful. It is important that you use it correctly.

Next, fill the cup with your current reality label with water. Now comes the magic. Take a few moments to visualize the outcome that you want.

Focus on the picture of abundance that you have in your mind. Draw in on the energy of your intention. Feel as though it is possible for you to manifest what you want.

Make sure that your vibration is high and you are feeling good. Then pour the water from one cup to the other. As the water flows away from your current reality to your desired intention your reality will shift. 

While continuing to feel abundant, drink the water from your new reality. Let it flow through your body and raise your vibration. With this simple method, you will have successfully shifted your reality.

Two Cup Method In Summary

This is a powerful technique that has brought miracles to many around the world. As it has surged in popularity it continues to be a popular manifestation method. If you want to attract your goals and dreams this is the perfect tool.

Use it to bring you money, healthy, love, or whatever you could possibly imagine. The key to success is in your hands (or in this case, your cup!).

Will you try the Two Cup Method? Let us know below.