What is the Pillow Method? And How To Use It

In a world of infinite possibilities, there is a method that is so powerful. It can change the circumstances of your life and elevate you to a higher place. This wonderful tool involves… your pillow.

Yes, you heard right. Though the use of the pillow may be symbolic to an extent it has paved the way for a multitude of manifestations. Any dream or desire that you have is possible with this magical method.

What is the pillow method?

The pillow method is a technique that is designed to help you shift reality. If you want to live a life of luxury you can change your circumstances with the pillow method. If you want to find love, it is easily achievable.

It can help you to achieve success and conquer your goals. No matter what your current reality is like, it can be changed with the pillow method. Its popularity has soared as of late as many people have experienced miracles from using it.

This technique combines several powerful practices with the added bonus of sleep! Through this method, you will conjure the reality that you want and live the life of your dreams.

The pillow method can be broken down into two key components:


The act of scripting is to write out how you want your life to be as if you are already living it. Write it in the present tense and be specific. This will not only help you to get clear on what you want but it will help you to affirm your desire to the Universe.

Script for a long as you like and in as much detail as you can muster. You want to feel good and positive as you write your intention. The key to successfully using the pillow method is to tap into the energy and feeling of the reality that you want to shift to.

Place it under your pillow

Once you have finished writing out what you want, place it under your pillow. Lay back and keep your thoughts focused on what you have scripted. Continue to feel as though you have what you want.

As you are lying down let your body relax. Allow yourself to feel drowsy and time goes on. Eventually, you will succumb to sleep and the power of your mind will take care of the rest.


Why does the pillow method work?

Your last thought and feeling that you have in the day shape your reality for the following day. During sleep, we are in our most relaxed state where our subconscious is highly receptive to the lasting impression that our final thoughts have on us. 

It is through our conscious mind that we create ideas and thoughts. However, it is the subconscious mind that expresses and gives form to our intentions. In this state, we give life to everything that we believe which then manifests itself into our physical reality

When we sleep we enter into a passive state. This unconscious state is that of our subconscious. It is an important part of our lives as we spend up to one-third of our existence sleeping.

The Creative Mind

The pillow method works as it uses the creative state of our conscious mind to deliberately impress thoughts onto our subconscious mind while we are unconscious. Take the words of the great Neville Goddard, who is undoubtedly the master of sleep techniques:

“You must be in the consciousness of being or having that which you want to be or to have before you drop off to sleep. Once asleep, man has no freedom of choice. His entire slumber is dominated by his last waking concept of self.”

Focusing on what we want and feeling as though it has already happened before we sleep will shift our reality. Though this method we will be transported to a dimension that supports our fantasy life.

This technique is a winner, it not only helps you to manifest but it also helps you to let go. When you can master the feeling of already having what you want while being at total peace you learn the art of letting go. When you release resistance you are not focusing on lack but on what you want.

Any goal that we have can instantly become our reality. The pillow method can give you the push that you need to break through onto the other side. What you thought was impossible is now achievable in ways that you never imagined. 

The Pillow Method Update

The spiritual meaning of the year 2022 is freedom. This is the year of escape. Whether it’s from the horrors of the year that shall not be mentioned or finding the golden ticket to your dreams – this is your year.

Make the pillow method work for you and ride on the freedom-seeking energy that 2022 has to offer. Adding visualisations to the pillow method is a great way to tap into this frequency. Through the power of your mind, you can visualise the reality that you want by using your creative thoughts.

After you have finished scripting and have placed it under your pillow, start to visualise. Imagine that you are living the life that you desire. Use all of your senses to make it feel real and believe that it is so. 

The mind can’t distinguish whether something is made up or not. By using visualisations you are influencing the creation of what you want to manifest. It sets the wheels of attraction in motion and amplifies the frequency of your desire out into the Universe.

Additional Methods – Affirmation

Another tactic to use this year is affirmations. Incorporating affirmations into your pillow method routine is a great way to take it to the next level. It will train your mind to focus your attention on the reality that you want to shift to.

If you are struggling to believe that it is possible for you to shift reality affirmations can remedy this. It will boost your confidence in yourself and push you to believe in your abilities. Affirmations are a powerful way to cultivate the life you want.

Both techniques will allow you to escape any lack that you are experiencing in your current reality. It gives you the freedom to create what you want and rid yourself of limiting beliefs. Using visualisation and affirmations in conjunction with the pillow method will shift your reality.

Try out this technique for yourself and watch the magic take hold. 

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