The Best I Am Affirmations

There’s nothing more powerful than the words ‘I am’. Moses famously said, ‘I am therefore I am’ meaning that whatever you think or feel that you are, you automatically become that. 

The present moment is the only moment in what we call time – there is no past or future. No matter where you have come from or what you have done you can turn your life around. All it takes is a simple shift in your belief system with the power of ‘I am’ affirmations.

How do I Am Affirmations work?

Affirmations are powerful statements that are designed to rewire your beliefs. On a subconscious level, we store our beliefs, both positive and negative. These are influenced by factors such as our environment, experiences and the views we were taught as children.

They can go on to either help or hinder you in life. If you believe that money effortlessly finds its way into your life then you will experience wealth. The sample principles apply for poverty, love, bad or good health and many other areas.

Your feelings, assumptions and beliefs are what you attract into your life. Those who are conscious will recognise the influence that they have over their lives and will change their perspective. However, many will try to label themselves as victims and believe that life is just happening to them.


You are the co-creator of your life. There is nothing that you cannot achieve, the only limitations that exist are in your mind. Lucky for us, it is just as easy to create a positive belief system as it is to gain a negative one.

If you believe that you are abundant, you are. If you feel healthy, you will receive more. If you assume something will go your way, then it will. 

The use of affirmations can help us to acquire the beliefs that we need to manifest and create the life that we deserve. If you recite your affirmations first thing in the morning and just before you go to sleep, your mind will absorb these messages. Take control of your life today starting with the words ‘I am’.

I am… affirmations

We’ve selected some of the most life-changing ‘I am’ affirmations. Use them regularly to bring you abundance, health, love and so much more. These affirmations will change your life in incredible ways.

I am… for life

  1. I am perfect in my own special way
  2. I am a magnificent being
  3. I am made of pure, positive energy
  4. I am the master of my life
  5. I am loved by the universe
  6. I am healed 
  7. I am exactly where I need to be
  8. I am content with my life
  9. I am so happy and grateful for everything that I have
  10. I am full of the love and light of a thousand stars
  11. I am one with the universe
  12. I am a force for good in this world
  13. I am a conscious being 
  14. I am a lightworker
  15. I am supported by my inner guidance system
  16. I am wise beyond my years
  17. I am a valuable part of this world
  18. I am aware of my personal power
  19. I am courageous and brave
  20. I am a survivor

I am… for success 

  1. I am a money magnet
  2. I am always offered amazing opportunities that lead me to success
  3. I am abundant 
  4. I am so proud of myself and my achievements
  5. I am respected in my field of work
  6. I am prosperous in everything I do
  7. I am incredibly wealthy
  8. I am capable of great things
  9. I am destined for success
  10. I am everything that I could ever hope to be
  11. I am creating the life that I desire
  12. I am talented 
  13. I am consciously manifesting the (business/career) that I want
  14. I am the reason why I am so prosperous
  15. I am always thinking of new ideas that bring me more success
  16. I am meant to be wealthy
  17. I am my wildest dreams come true
  18. I am tenacious, driven and ambitious
  19. I am worthy of having the success that I desire
  20. I am brilliant, my mind is full of amazing ideas

I am … for love

  1. I am in the relationship of my dreams
  2. I am so grateful that I have met my soulmate
  3. I am surrounded by love
  4. I am in a healthy partnership with my lover
  5. I am so happy when I am with my partner
  6. I am the epitome of love
  7. I am bursting with loving vibrational energy
  8. I am the receiver and giver of love
  9. I am treated well by my partner – they respect and admire me
  10. I am deeply connected with my soulmate
  11. I am passionate, powerful and playful with my partner
  12. I am secure in my relationship
  13. I am spiritually entwined with my lover’s soul
  14. I am meant to be with my partner
  15. I am in love with myself and others
  16. I am always positive about love and relationships
  17. I am worthy of experiencing love
  18. I am true to myself in my relationship
  19. I am a believer of harmonious, peaceful and loving relationships
  20. I am open to love
  21. I am beautiful, both inside and out

I am… for health

  1. I am full of vitality and vibrant energy
  2. I am in my prime
  3. I am at my optimum level of health
  4. I am sound in body, mind and soul
  5. I am well
  6. I am grateful to be alive
  7. I am feeling incredible today
  8. I am living in a body that is 
  9. I am full of cells that radiate with lifeforce energy
  10. I am perfect in my physical form
  11. I am conscious of what I put into my body
  12. I am perfectly healthy 
  13. I am taking care of my body in the best way for me
  14. I am always making healthy choices
  15. I am good to myself
  16. I am breathing in fresh air, eating healthy foods and drinking clean water
  17. I am divine, inside and out
  18. I am in control of my wellbeing
  19. I am feeling better each day
  20. I am joyful and happy being in my body

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